It Is Time To Do Your Part

2020 has brought constant changes, and the Cook County Assessor’s office is doing their best to do their part.  Adjustments due to COVID-19 have been made on residents’ assessments, and now it’s time to do your part and file your appeal! The appeal calendar continues to change by the week, and by signing up for RTA’s property tax appeal service, we can manage the process for you.

The county decided to make one-time adjustments this year to a number of properties based on the impact COVID-19 has had on employment statistics in the various townships, and these are separate from any adjustments based on appeals.

The Assessor’s office has continued to stress that appealing is a very important part of the ongoing process to ensure property assessments are fair and accurate.  Many assessments have gotten out of whack over many years, and appealing each year is how you can do your part to help correct.

You can find the latest appeal calendar dates on our website and in our FREE mobile app.  It’s never to early to start the process! Sign up today and let RTA help you lower your property’s assessment!