COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on real estate values throughout Cook County

Due to challenging times this year, Cook County residents will not only have the opportunity to lower their property tax assessments through the appeal process. They will also have automatic adjustments on top of any appeal results due to the impact of COVID-19. Nothing is required of residents for the COVID-19 adjustment, and the Assessor’s Office has continued to stress the importance of appealing each year until your home is properly assessed.

According to the latest information on the Cook County Assessor’s website, in order to account for the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on real estate values throughout Cook County’s neighborhoods and communities, the Cook County Assessor determined that it is appropriate to apply COVID-19 Adjustments to property values in 2020, where applicable. The extent of these adjustments will depend on each property’s use, type, and location.

Changes in the economy and local unemployment were used to calculate adjustments in neighborhoods of the South and West suburbs.

To find specifics on how the COVID-19 Adjustments may impact your home, you can view the map, report and FAQ from Cook County below.

COVID-19 Adjustment Map

More Information

  • The full report can be found HERE.
  • COVID-19 FAQ and information can be found HERE.