Assessors Office Announces Changes to Assessments and Appeals Due to COVID-19

Reassessments due to the possible impact of COVID-19 will be done AFTER appeals are completed, so there has never been a better time to appeal your property tax assessment than this year!

The Cook County Assessor’s Office announced updated information about its plans to reassess the southern and western suburbs of Cook County and adjust property values in the northern suburbs and Chicago if the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have a significant impact on real estate.

Cook County is reassessed triennially, which means one-third of the county is reassessed each year. In 2020, the south and west townships of Chicago are scheduled to be reassessed and this work will continue. While properties in some south suburban townships have already received reassessment notices, those which have not will receive notices that reflect estimated economic effects of COVID-19 on property values.

North suburban and Chicago portions of Cook County, which are not scheduled for reassessment, as well as properties located in south and west suburban townships which have already received reassessment notices, will have their property values reviewed for estimated effects of COVID-19 following the appeal process. Property owners are not required to appeal in order to receive the COVID-19 review and adjustment for eligible properties.

The end of this release has a summary of changes to both the reassessment, review, and appeal processes.

You can find the full bulletin containing more details for each township at